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A little bit more about me

I grew up with organic vegestables all around me, my granddad was a greengrocer, my parents both worked so before and after school I was at my grandparents house.

I only had candy once a week and sodas was for birthdays, sometimes my grandma and I made cookies or pancakes, but in general I grew up with a very healthy lifestyle.

When I moved away from home, I had an urge to celebrate my “freedom” with partys, which included alkohol and junkfood, but in my early twenties, I was diagnosed with Morbus Bechterew, which meant I was in pain, hospitalized, wasn’t able to put on my own socks, I went to rehabilitation and decided to think about my health.

More than 10 years with a big amount of pain, I still succeeded working my way up through the fashion industry, my last job with fashion, was so exciting traveling the world as an export manager, until the crisis came.

The company decided to focus on home markets, which meant, my position was closed down, so I found another path, coaching, personal training, nutrients, I really enjoy helping others, this is my way of giving something back… So here I am



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