Photography Tips for Foodies


When I started taking pictures of my food, I didn?t really think so much about lightening, backdrops and angles, I just wanted to share my food in pictures, but then my friend Patricia told me, that some of my pictures were not appetizing. So I looked up some tips online and thought I would share them.

  • Think about a nice texture as the backdrop to the meal. (Sometimes I?ll set the dish or drink on the ground for a better backdrop.)
  • Organize you?re table. A fork, map of the city, your handbag, phone or keys: each element gives the photo more visual texture and makes it more personal.
  • Good lighting is the most important part of food photography. Soft daylight is best. Depending on the situation, I would suggest taking your food to a place with good light.
  • Angle, above or 45 degree is best, grab a chair stand on it and take your photo.
  • Don´t use to many filters, let the photo be as natural as possible.

Go out and take some nice photos and let me know how it goes, by adding me on Instagram, I would love to see how good you become.



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